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Lena TschannenLena Tschannen is an English-Russian-Ukrainian interpreter, translator, and tutor. Her services include translations and lessons on a personal basis tailored to the individualized needs of her clients.  As a native Russian/Ukrainian speaker who has excelled as an English teacher and translator for more than 20 years, each client is assured the confidence of knowing they are being represented in a professional manner. Tschannen is a graduate of Kharkov National University (Ukraine) with a Master degree in Linguistics and is a Specialist in Innovations and Patenting Practice (Moscow, Russia).

Having won a contest among small business representatives in Dnepropetrovsk region (Ukraine) in 2000, she also participated in a training program provided by the US Government for English-speaking entrepreneurs from the CIS countries (Jackson, Mississippi).

Extensive experience includes Translator at a Patent Office and Department of Foreign Economic Relations at a large chemical plant. Additional experience includes Personal Assistant and Speechwriter for the CEO, Program Producer and Editor at a Broadcasting Corporation, College English Teacher, and CEO deputy at a private educational firm.

Prior to relocating to the USA (Visalia, CA) Tschannen successfully operated her own translation services company helping many individuals attain their goals, whether business or personal related.

Clearly, responsibility and creativity are her strongest attributes. All translations are timely, without delay, and always within the agreed upon time. Read more in Services.

Studying a foreign language is both a constant teaching and learning experience. It is a cross-cultural trip and adventure. If having a better knowledge of the Russian/Ukrainian languages is what you are seeking to make your business or romantic relationship succeed, you will need a deeper immersion into those nations’ history, literature, and politics. However, providing express crush course is available, too. Read more in Services.

R. Kipling’s lines “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet” are not so evident for  people of the 21st century. You just need to know how to find your way out there. And it is Lena’s Russian Translations’ pleasure to be your devoted guide and assistant.