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Our translation services apply to various fields of human activity, from legal and medical documents to interpersonal correspondence. Translations made in Lena’s Russian Translations are accurate and competent. We prepare any of your translation needs including the translation of stamps placed on any document.

We never neglect any detail. It is our clear understanding that there are sensitive situations, such as medical papers or documents, where approximate, uncompleted, or incorrect translations can lead to misunderstanding or even harm. We pay close attention to every detail.

Our prices are fair and competitive. We charge per:

  1. Document.
  2. The quantity of words translated.
  3. Creative writings
  4. Advice


The following is a list of documents to be translated from Russian/Ukrainian into English, or vice versa. Each translation is offered at the low price of just $25 per document!

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Death Certificate
  • Police Clearance
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Changing of Name Certificate
  • Other Certificates as needed

The two, more time-consuming and complicated exceptions are listed below with their corresponding prices:

Diploma of Higher Education altogether with addendums : $50
Vaccination records : $70

Should you want any of your documents to be certified and mailed to you by regular mail, there is an additional $15 charge for each document to cover postage and handling.

Quantity of words translated

When you require a specific document to be translated, the fees are easily determined by the price schedule listed above. However, when you need something other than a document translated, the price is determined by the word count. Some companies charge a per page fee as they can manipulate their price by simply changing their font. For that reason, we do not charge a per page price. You will always know the cost up front.

Our average price is $0.07 per word.

If you are interested in a long-term association, please inquire about loyalty discounts. We are flexible and work with each of our customers, understanding that they each have their own unique needs.

Creative writings

Creating a man’s profile

Lena’s Russian Translations can help you create a profile that demands attention. If you don’t have the time or the talent to present yourself in the best possible light, let us help. Only Lena’s Russian Translations can take your information and present it in a profile that tells the reader you are someone worth their time and effort. Your profile on a dating site is like a resume for a potential job. It must be flawless and it must present you in the most favorable way. Cultural differences can cause your reader to be offended or turned off by an improperly worded profile. If you are serious about finding that one person to help you fulfill your dreams, then it is worth taking just a little more time to do it right. I can offer the best dreams, then it is worth taking a little more time to do it right. Lena’s Russian Translations can make your profile playful, but not frivolous, fancy, but not boring, packed with attractive details, but not overloaded with them.

An average profile should be approximately 250 words, but if your profile is more or less, the pricing can be adjusted accordingly.

A standard profile up to 250 words : $50

Contact Us today and find out how we can help you.

Corresponding with Russian women

If you are a man looking to make a good impression on a Russian/Ukrainian woman, you may need the assistance of someone who can help you make the initial introduction. Until that special woman is able to communicate with you in your language, you will be best served by having someone that not only translates your emails, but someone who can edit your letters to eliminate cultural misunderstandings that can quickly bring a promising relationship to an abrupt end.

Each letter you write will be carefully translated into the Russian/Ukrainian languages without errors in spelling or grammar. If your writing skills are not what you would like them to be, our service can ‘improve’ your letter to present you in the best possible light.

Our price to create, enhance, or edit your letter into something that you will be proud to:
Send to that special woman is at the low rate of just $0.07 per word
Translate the Russian letter you received into English $0.05 per word

Loyalty Discount

We understand that once you find that someone special, you will hope to correspond with her on a regular basis. With other companies, that can become costly. However, once you begin regular correspondence with your special woman with Lena’s Russian Translations, we offer our services at a special discounted rate:

Letters to Russian woman $0.05 per word
Translate Russian letters $0.04 per word

Our loyalty discount program begins upon the third letter sent/received from the same email address

Russian or Ukrainian lessons (see more at Services)

Do you want to speak, write and/or read in English, Russian, or Ukrainian? There is no better way to learn than from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Through the use of Skype, you can now benefit from all services on a face-to-face basis. Because of this technology, you are no longer limited to just a software program that does not provide the personal and specialized instruction you are seeking.

60 Minute one-on-one personal training $35.00


Having been born Ukrainian and having an American husband and friends, Lena Tschannen knows from the inside the intricacies Russian/Ukrainian-American communication can bring. At times, overcoming language barriers can be even easier than understanding differences in cultures. You will need a guide to lead you into the world of Russian/Ukrainian traditions, habits, manners, ways of thinking, and psychology.

Any of your questions can be answered quickly and precisely by Lena. Her price is established on a per hour basis with each consultation billed at a half hour minimum

One Hour Consultation: $35.00

We offer bonuses

One such bonus is our loyalty program as outlined in our Corresponding with Russian women section.

Another bonus is that you can receive one hour of free consultation on Russian dating, cross-cultural issues, and other related advice, a $35 value, after your first $100 in expenditures with our company.

Please Contact Us for further details.