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November 29, 2013 | Posted in:Our Blog

Having been born Ukrainian and having an American husband and friends, Lena Tschannen knows from the inside the intricacies Russian/Ukrainian-American communication can bring. At times, overcoming language barriers can be even easier than understanding differences in cultures. You will need a guide to lead you into the world of Russian/Ukrainian traditions, habits, manners, ways of thinking, and psychology.

Lena can walk you through the process of meeting the woman of your dreams and share with you exactly what the woman is looking for in her quest to find the right man. Knowing how Ukrainian/Russian women think, is putting you one step ahead of other men who only think they know what women are looking for.

Many American men believe they know what all women want. Eastern European women are different. Looks, in fact, are not the primary criterion that establishes their interest in a man. That may come as a surprise. If it does to you, then our services are even more important that what you might first think.