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November 29, 2013 | Posted in:Our Blog

Do you want to speak, write and/or read in English, Russian, or Ukrainian? There is no better way to learn than from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Through the use of Skype, you can now benefit from all services on a face-to-face basis. Because of this technology, you are no longer limited to just a software program that does not provide the personal and specialized instruction you are seeking.

Lena’s Russian Translations can schedule weekly, biweekly or the frequency you desire to optimize your own individual and personalized lessons. It is like having your own personal teacher working with you around your own schedule.

Unlike software that is designed for the masses of students, your sessions with Lena’s Russian Translations are for you and you alone. We can determine what areas of the language that are causing you the most difficulty and can then focus on those ones to speed the learning process.

We can also provide the so-called crash-course for both you and for your meaningful other. The easiest way of breaking the ice is getting the ideas of introducing yourself or greeting others in the cross languages. When you are able to make a simple conversation about relatives, hobbies, or weather in a different language, it means that you really do care. Contact Us for more information