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USCIS assistance

If you are ready for that next big step in your life and are preparing to start a bulky paperwork for USCIS, Lena’s Russian Translations can handle all of your document translations required by the United States government. Though not a legal service, we can assist you in all aspects of preparing any of your documents by providing their certified translations.

Translations for legal documents 

When it comes to legal matters, you cannot risk using a software program to convert a legal document from one language to another.

Whether you are looking for one translation or you are looking to establish a long-term business association, Lena’s Russian Translations can help.

If you are an attorney who is regularly dealing with Russian/Ukrainian translations, using the same company can be a huge benefit. Lena’s Russian Translations can become well-acquainted with your method of operation and understand what you do, how you do it, and what you expect from their services.