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Dear Lena,

I simply could not be more grateful to you than I am – and have been for these last many weeks. Your kindness, hard work, professionalism and attention you have given to Olga, me, and our unique situation are outstanding.

You have always in timely fashion translated our letters (and provided the best translations I have yet seen), done so in a highly professional manner, provided accurate and timely accounting of time and effort – and even gone way beyond simply professional service. I will go further and say that I have enjoyed our limited personal interaction – you have been an absolute delight to work with.

your grateful client,

Alaska, USA


Dear Lena,

Before finding Lena’s Russian Translations website I had been thinking about taking a chance to meet a good Russian woman. I must admit I hesitated a lot because I heard of different issues that accompany international dating.

I am a stable 61 year old guy, my kids are grown up, and I am thinking of being semi-retired soon, so I wish to live the rest of my life with a caring and happy woman. I finally took a risk and signed up to several Russian dating sites… And I was lost in piles of letters I had received. Young girls and mature women were writing to me showing their interest. First, I flattered myself, and later I realized that I might be in a scammer trap. I needed advice from somebody who knew the process from the first hand. But I did not want to get consultations from the dating sites personnel, because they would be more interested in getting money from my correspondence with numbers of women than giving me a truthful advice.

Eventually, I found your agency. You helped to create a new profile for me in a way that narrowed the base of women who could be interested in me. At the same time I got a pleasure to be introduced to a number of really charming women. You are able to assist me in writing letters, and your translations of ladies’ letters are so precise that I seem feel each woman’s character behind the words. I feel like I came to international dating with my eyes wide shut, and now I have a much better idea of what to expect.

I am still in the process of looking for my better half (I am picky you know), but I feel more prepared now for my possible trip to Russia soon. Thank you for giving me your incredible attention and so helpful assistance.

With all my respect,



Dear Lena,

Thank you so much for helping me and my wife. Never in my wildest expectations could I have imagined that I would meet and marry such wonderful and beautiful Russian woman as my Natasha. I tried other sites to help me meet someone special, but each step of the way I had obstacles that prevented me from getting to know a Russian woman.

The way that you wrote my profile and helped me with my communication with Natasha, I am certain is the only reason she had an initial interest in me at all. We are now married for 2 years. And thanks for your help with the USCIS. My wife now has green card and we can easily travel together and enjoy our lives to the fullest. I have never written testimonials, but I felt I had to write this one to thank you for adding happiness to my life.

California, USA



Меня зовут Татьяна. Я простая женщина, всю жизнь проработала на заводе. И вдруг мне приходит письмо, что я получила наследство в Канаде. Хоть я и слышала, что у меня водятся какие-то родственники в Канаде, я их знать не знала и не общалась никогда. Сначала я подумала, что это розыгрыш. Тем более, в письме было сказано, что мне и моей сестре причитается каждой по 25 тыс. долларов. И нужно было собирать горы необходимых документов. Я не поверила, но решила проверить. А как? Ни слова по-английски я не знаю. Компьютером никогда не пользовалась.

Мне подсказали обратиться в агенство переводов. Так судьба свела меня с Еленой Ивановной, Леночкой. В письме были указаны адрес и номер телефона. Елена Ивановна помогла мне связаться с юридической фирмой в Канаде. Переписка и звонки заняли не один месяц. Я страшно переживала. Но все закончилось благополучно. Елена Ивановна даже помогла мне открыть счет в банке, которого у меня отродясь не было. Спасибо тебе, Леночка, за человечность, профессионализм, терпение и время, которое ты на меня потратила. Слышала, что ты вышла замуж и уехала в США. Дай Бог тебе здоровья, счастья и любви.

Днепродзержинск, Украина


Hi Lena,

Natalie Portman once said: “I hate studying. Studying is boring. I love learning: it is beautiful.” I highly recommend Lena’s Russian Translations services to everyone who seeks for LEARNING. If you are interested in gaining useful knowledge all along with undeniable experience, you are in the right place.

I am a college student from the US and I met my close friend in Russia. We texted each other, talked via Skype, and finally I decided to fly to Moscow. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about that city and Russia itself. Only that it is very cold there, LOL.

I wanted to know everything about that country, though, because I wanted to surprise my boyfriend and his family. I found out about your website, and let me tell you – your lessons are great! With your help I discovered a TOTALLY new world. I learned how to understand the Slavic type of mentality. Your lessons are filled with tones of useful information. Now, I understand my man much better. We almost don’t argue on the cultural background type of thing.

Thank you Lena very much for your help!

Visalia, CA, USA